Rossendale Junior Harriers Athleics Club


Any new junior member wishing to join our club must firstly attend an 'induction evening' where there will be an opportunity to meet with one of the coaching team. It will then be possible to allocate a coaching group according to age and/or ability. Any new member attending on any other night will not be accepted. Induction evenings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.00pm. All children between the age of 8 - 16 must be accompanied by a parent/gaurdian.

Latest news

Bunny Runs

The Bunny Runs take place every Tuesday night over four weeks at Penistone Hill, Haworth. They are a fast 3 mile race with Easter Eggs as prizes.

Bunny Run Three

The third race in the series took place on a very chilly Penistone Hill. Joe Johnston had a another great race pulling through the field on the second longer lap to finish in 5th place with 16.11, Ashley Kay now trianing regularly is closing the gap finishing in 8th place with 16.27 knocking 11 seconds off from last week. Sam Tosh stormed off on the first lap hoping to win the Egg Stage, which is a mad sprint to the line marking the end of the first lap but he had a fall and ended up finishing further down in 23rd (17.25). Jordan Beard is showing signs of returning to form knocking 27 seconds off last week's time finishing in 29th place (17.42). Elliott Wylie had a super run finishing minute quicker than last week in 31st (17.45). Danny Walsh ran well for 37th (18.17) and youngster Callum Davidson also had a good run beating his time from last week by 12 seconds in 95th place (20.18).

Next week is the final race in the series then it's on to the Bunny Run Relays where Rossendale in the shape of Ashley Kay, Jordan Beard and Joe Johnston are reigning champions.

Critical reasons why your child should play sports

Whether they play individual or team-based sports, children will learn a lot more than kicking the ball and dealing with other players. Their physical activity will improve, their immune response will more efficient and they will be motivated to compete and excel in order to become the best. Read further and discover several other reasons why your children should practice a sport on a regular basis.

Sport will boost their self-esteem

If your kid will practice a sport on a regular basis, he will accomplish benefits such as practice and goal-setting. Not only that he will stay healthy and in shape, but he will also increase his confidence in his capabilities and strength. The social skills developed when practicing sports will help children throughout their entire lives, as they will have to interact with their team-mates, opponents, coaches and sports officials.

Parents are not aware of all these benefits and advantages, but their kids will be taught communication skills, team-building capabilities and even leadership skills. Any parent should consider bringing their child to practice a sport in London. Whether you are a doctor, an engineer, a London escort from or a manager, your kid will learn and develop a lot if you will take him to practice athletics, football, hockey, volleyball, tennis or any other sport.

Children who participate in sports will enhance their confidence and self-esteem. Because they are encouraged and praised by their team-mates, coaches and even rivals, kids will build their self-confidence and believe in themselves. If kids are motivated to push themselves and be hard-working, they will learn that their efforts are well-rewarded. Even if they will also deal with constructive criticism, kids will learn to accept it and use it to their own benefit. Yet in order to accomplish the best effects, parents should involve too in this process and support their children every time when they will practice tennis, athletics or something else.

Parents should support their kids to practice sports

Kids who practice a sport from a young age will apply the principles of hard work and dedication in everything that they will do, including at school. They will excel in academics as well and they will increase significantly the chances of graduating from college. Kids who keep on having an active lifestyle when they grow up will stay fit and healthy, with fewer chances to develop a serious health problem.

Certain sports will require a certain body mass, so children will pay attention to what they will eat. They will make the same healthy choices when they will become adults, they will prevent obesity and minimize the chances of cardiovascular disease. Both coaches and parents have to be role models for children, promoting health and wellness and being the living proof that a healthy living is the best.

Last but not least, playing sports is fun. Teach kids how to practice sports and encourage them to enjoy what they do. Watch your child how he has fun practicing something that he likes and witness how he develops as an athlete and as human being!